Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Ideas under $25

Long time no see!  I've been away for so long and I hope you didn't forget about us!  Today's post is just a quick Christmas list that I've put together.  I'm involved in several Secret Santa parties and everyone has been asking, "What do you want ?" .  Well, this was easy-peasy for me!  I've been eyeing a couple of items, and they are all pretty inexpensive.   Yay!

1.  Travalo Atomizer

I have heard so much about Travalo from several different beauty gurus.  I really haven't seen these anywhere around me, but they are availible from their site.  There are several different styles, some are fancier than others.  I think this is a great gift for anyone.  I've been working out so much lately and sometimes I forget to pack my giant bottle of body spray or my perfume.  This is an excellent way to always keep a little body spray or your favorite perfume in your purse! 

2.  Custom Brush Roll from asoftblackstar on!

Image taken from asoftblackstar on
I personally have ordered from this Etsy seller before.  I love her items! I have actually already ordered a slew of brush rolls from my friends.  Best part is, they are not rough on my wallet!  And for the price you get a great quality brush roll, handmade with high quality materials.  I'll make a post when I receive the rolls I ordered so I can show you what I'm talkin' about!

3.  Moroccan Oil

You think this is a strange gift?  Not if the gift of heathy hair is strange!!  I personally would LOVE this gift (hope my husband or girlfriends are reading this...).  The only place I can find Moroccan Oil is on the internet and I have heard so much about it, I'm DYING to try it.  So maybe the larger size doesn't fit in the below $25 category, but this mini size would make a great stocking stuffer :)

4.  Lip Balm Lovers Lip Balm Pack from Sakura Bath & Body

Image taken from Sakura Bath & Body on

Oh, lip balm!  How I love thee...let me count the ways!  I can't get enough of lip balm.  I have TONZ of lip balm and this is the just one the cutest gift sets around!  And they will be mine soon, they are on their way to my home as we speak.  Great stocking stuffer or just a little gift to show someone you care about their lips :) 

So, aren't these good ideas!  I'm forwarding this post to my family immediately :)  Do you have any good inexpensive Christmas ideas?  PLEASE share!!


  1. I've used Moroccan Oil on my hair before and I LOVE it!

  2. awesome list of ideas- love those meringue Christmas ideas. Have never made meringues but this makes me want to!

  3. beautiful products and cute... :-)
    we love it... :-)
    please come and visit our blog... :-)

    (HAYU beautiful handicraft)


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