Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey Everyone!  The MAC Cindy Sherman Collection is now online at  To be quite honest, the promo pics kind of freak me out a bit!  They are creepy!  They have divided the collection into 3 parts:  Midnight Blue, Angel Flame and Wild Colour.  This is a pretty large collection, considering all the new products MAC has been putting out there lately!  I was able to get my hands on this collection a week ago, as they had a V.I.P. launch party in my city.  The main reason I hustled out there was to get the MSF Lightscapade which was anticipated to sell out in record time.  It did not disappoint, as it sold out online almost immediately!  I may go back for a few of the lip pencils, but probably not much more.
 Above: Angel Flame Collection
 Above: Wild Colour Collection
 Above: Midnight Blue Collection

What do y'all think about this collection?  Are you getting anything?

Friday, September 23, 2011

UPCOMING: 1 Year Birthday Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to make a post regarding our upcoming 1 year birthday towards the tail end of Oct!  We cannot believe it has already almost been a full year since we launched this blog!  We wanted to say thank you to all our readers, followers and supporters!  What better way to go into the start of our second year then by having a giveaway?  So please visit the blog for upcoming giveaway details :)

Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAC Lightscapade Dupe?

Hey Everyone!  Hope your wk has been going well!  I went to the MAC unveiling party for all the fall collections a couple days ago.  Since then I have been playing with all my newly bought goodies :)

I had this product in my collection, Revlon Pure Confection Highlighting Face Powder, which seems to resemble Lightscapade.  So I decided to swatch the 2 products and see if it was a possible dupe.  I took pics of the products against 2 different colored backgrounds as they were giving them a different hue when photographed.  Both these products seems to have the same colours throughout each compact...a cream, yellow, pink and blue swirl.  How did the products weigh in?

*Revlon PC is 4.26 g for $5.99 (on  VS  MAC Lightscapade is 10 g for $28
*Revlon PC is a permanent product VS  Lightscapade which is a limited ed. item
*Revlon is a tad more shimmery and full of sheen VS Lightscapade which has a not so obvious glow and sheen

I find these 2 products to be somewhat similar, but for me they are different enough to warrant me having both!  I would use Revlon PC for a more intense nighttime look.  And MAC Lightscapade for a more subtle daytime look.  Below are close up pics and swatch pics.

What do you think, is Revlon PC similar enough to be considered a dupe?



 Hi Everyone!  I just got back from a Fall 2011 unveiling party @ my local MAC.  It was a good time, there were a variety of cocktails and hor d'oeuvres being passed throughout the event.  I went with a friend and we were able to test/swatch and view all 3 collections within about 45 mins!  It seemed that Fall with MAC was getting the most buzz.  This is the Cindy Sherman collection with the mineralized skin finishes.  I only attended this event to get my hands on Lightscapade.
I am an avid MSF collector and have been waiting quite a while to add this particular one to my collection!  I got feline khol power as well...Finally!  I have been waiting to try out this product.  Being a MAC collector for sometime now, I am shocked that I it wasn't till today that I had swatched feline for the very first time.  Needless to say it was love at first swatch!  I was also looking forward to the re release of Fleshpot.  So I got my hands on that as well.  I did not really spend much time with the Posh Paradise collection as I had already made my purchases from that collection last wk.  I liked the way the Styledriven collection looked, but it was a bit overwhelming for me.  There was just too many products, and nothing was instantly standing out to me as being unique.  The one product I am thinking to go back for is Driven by love.  It was a beautiful red Pro Longwear lipglass...
All my swatches are down below.  You can find Posh Paradise and Styledriven now at
However, Fall with MAC will not be released until next wk.

Above: Lightscapade

Are y'all planning to get anything from these 3 collections?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MAC: Posh Paradise Haul and Review

Hey Everyone!  I am back with a MAC Posh Paradise Haul...
As I did not get everything from this haul, I can only speak on the items I purchased and not the collection as a whole.  So, what did I get...

  • Paint Pots:  Genuine Treasure (reflects antiqued gold), Nubile (light peachy nude) & Treasure Hunt (light pearled yellow)
  • Mattene Lipstick in Delectable (orange-beige)

From what I got I pretty much like everything, and didn't really have much to complain about!  Out of the paint pots I think I will be getting the most use out of Nubile, it is a very neutral colour and can be used almost under any shadow.  But during the holiday season I think Genuine Treasure & Treasure Hunt will be great for those metallic nighttime, as well as daytime looks.  Genuine Treasure will give you more of a bronze or old gold look, while Treasure Hunt will be more on the true yellow gold side.  The Paint pots seem to be very well pigmented and easy to work with.  I really wanted to get Idyllic but I passed on it, since I have been hearing that it is pretty comparable to Artifact.  Artifact is already a colour I have in my extensive collection!  
As for the Mattene Lipticks I REALLY did not need anymore lipsticks.  So I decided to get only one to test out the formulation.  I like the texture and coverage of Delectable.  It does not seem to need a primer under it and it comes off as a pretty almost nude colour on my lips.  This is a colour I can picture myself using daily, which is why I opted for Delectable.  Below I have included some swatches of the products, if you wish to get a little closer of a look just click on the pic to enlarge it.  You can find all these products at

Above: Delectable lipstick; lined with MAC boldly bare lip liner

Did y'all pick up anything from this collection?  What do you think about this collection?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Velour Lashes

Hello there!

Today I received a package today from Velour Lashes!  I recently saw a video on about this new company that sells handmade mink lashes.  It sparked my interest because I have read in several magazines that several stars like Jennifer Lopez love to wear mink lashes.  The prices on this website were really affordable considering that mink lashes are very expensive.  I paid 29.99 for a pair of lashes that can be work upwards of 25-30 times.  I bought "you complete me" style, which I have a picture of below.  This picture was taken from the Velour Lashes website.

Another important note is that according to the website, these hair were harvested from live mink.  No animals were killed or hurt during this process.  They are gently brushed for their fur and that fur is sterilized for these handmade eyelashes.  It still made me a little hesitant, but I  purchased them anyways!

I'll post a review soon, once I wear these babies a couple of times.  :)

Are you a false eyelash user?  Have you ever tried mink eyelashes?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Groupon: I LOVE U!

Hey Everyone!  I am in love with Groupon right now!
I have been getting amazing deals on manis/pedis, massages, salon services, teeth cleaning/whitening, slimming body wraps and at restaurants to name a few! 

What is a Groupon?  How does it work?
Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. They send the deals to thousands of subscribers in a free daily email, and they send the businesses a ton of new customers. 
Hot deals in Chicago, New York, Boston and many other cities.
You can check out many other great deals in your local city @

If you already know about, do you love it as much as I do?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sephora: Hot Now! Volume 7

Hey Everyone!  Here is the Hot Now Beauty Report from Sephora.  If you are not familiar with this report it basically fills you in on the latest, newest, most buzzed about beauty products that are handpicked by the people over at Sephora...

I am excited to try out the Living Proof Style Extender and the Urban Decay High Gloss Lipstick Pencil!
Are you eyeing anything off this list?


Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: MAC Me Over Fluidlines

Hey Everyone!  Happy Labor Day!  It's time to talk about the MAC Me Over fluidlines...
I picked up 3 of the fluidlines from the collection: Avenue (charcoal black w/ gold pearl), Dark Envy (blackened green) and Midnight Blues (blackened blue).  They all have excellent pigmentation, as well as texture.  I highly recommend getting these, as they are a quick and effortless way to change up your look!  The blue and green fluidlines are a great way to add a pop of colour when doing a neutral eye.  I already bought the 4th fluidline, Dark Diversion (blackened plum) from another collection.  I was also pleased with the colour and texture of this product.  All in all, I have to recommend all 4 of these!

What do you think of these?  Do you love them as much as I do?


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review: MAC Me Over Runaway Red Lipstick

Hey Everyone!  This is the continuation of the MAC Me Over Collection review series.  The only lipstick I purchased from this collection is Runaway Red.  I am always on the hunt for the perfect red and I believe I may have found it.  Runaway Red is a perfect deep red colour!   I have included a few pictures of the products and lip swatches below.  The first lip swatch is of MAC's Runaway Red on it's own.  And the second lip swatch is of Runaway Red, layered with a lip gloss on top.  The lip gloss I used is Loreal H.I.P. Shine Struck Liquid Lip color in Turbulent.  Turbulent is a high shine intense bold red shade.  I really love MAC's Runaway Red with and without a lip gloss layered on top.  It all just depends on the look your trying to achieve.  The lipstick is good on its own if your wanting to a matte look.  The lip gloss layered over the lipstick is also great if you want a beautiful glossy shine.  Have fun with it!

Do y'all like Runaway Red by itself or when it is layered with the gloss on top?


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: MAC ME OVER Eyeshadows

Hey Everyone!  Lets go through my review of the eye shadows from the MAC Me Over Collection.  I bought 3 shades:  Creamy bisque (dirty ivory with pearl), Mythical (frosty coppery red) and Carbonized (frosty dark brown).  
The texture of the Creamy bisque shade is very pigmented and smooth.  It isn't glittery, however it has a pleasant pearlesque sheen to it.  I also like the finish of the unique shade of brown seen in Carbonized.  Even though it is a shade of brown,  this particular shade in quite uncommon as well as versatile.  Carbonized has a certain depth element to it and with it also being veluxe pearl, I simply love it!  As for Mythical, I simply wasn't satisfied with the texture even though it has a vp finish.  It was not as deeply pigmented as I would have liked it to be, and it did not give ample colour payoff.  In my opinion, there are many colours within the same colour family that can give a better effect.  It just didn't seem like there was anything really special about Mythical to me.  I am interested in trying out the other 2 shadows in this collection, Outre and Moleskin...they seem like they would be great for the crease.  If you have either of those, what do you think?
 If you want to get any of these eye shadows they can be found on

Take: Creamy bisque and Carbonized

Leave: Mythical 


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