Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAC Lightscapade Dupe?

Hey Everyone!  Hope your wk has been going well!  I went to the MAC unveiling party for all the fall collections a couple days ago.  Since then I have been playing with all my newly bought goodies :)

I had this product in my collection, Revlon Pure Confection Highlighting Face Powder, which seems to resemble Lightscapade.  So I decided to swatch the 2 products and see if it was a possible dupe.  I took pics of the products against 2 different colored backgrounds as they were giving them a different hue when photographed.  Both these products seems to have the same colours throughout each compact...a cream, yellow, pink and blue swirl.  How did the products weigh in?

*Revlon PC is 4.26 g for $5.99 (on  VS  MAC Lightscapade is 10 g for $28
*Revlon PC is a permanent product VS  Lightscapade which is a limited ed. item
*Revlon is a tad more shimmery and full of sheen VS Lightscapade which has a not so obvious glow and sheen

I find these 2 products to be somewhat similar, but for me they are different enough to warrant me having both!  I would use Revlon PC for a more intense nighttime look.  And MAC Lightscapade for a more subtle daytime look.  Below are close up pics and swatch pics.

What do you think, is Revlon PC similar enough to be considered a dupe?



  1. The revlon product looks as if it could alter what's being highlighted with a pinkish tint while I can attest that lighscapade leaves its own multi-colored sheen but doesn't change the over-all color of my blush or skin. The revlon would maybe satisfy lemmings if one couldn't get their hands on lighscapade, perhaps?


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