Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review: MAC Me Over Runaway Red Lipstick

Hey Everyone!  This is the continuation of the MAC Me Over Collection review series.  The only lipstick I purchased from this collection is Runaway Red.  I am always on the hunt for the perfect red and I believe I may have found it.  Runaway Red is a perfect deep red colour!   I have included a few pictures of the products and lip swatches below.  The first lip swatch is of MAC's Runaway Red on it's own.  And the second lip swatch is of Runaway Red, layered with a lip gloss on top.  The lip gloss I used is Loreal H.I.P. Shine Struck Liquid Lip color in Turbulent.  Turbulent is a high shine intense bold red shade.  I really love MAC's Runaway Red with and without a lip gloss layered on top.  It all just depends on the look your trying to achieve.  The lipstick is good on its own if your wanting to a matte look.  The lip gloss layered over the lipstick is also great if you want a beautiful glossy shine.  Have fun with it!

Do y'all like Runaway Red by itself or when it is layered with the gloss on top?



  1. I love it better with Gloss on top :) Really brings out the richness in the color and takes on the more finished look...I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Would love it so much if you would check my new blog out!


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