Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Velour Lashes

Hello there!

Today I received a package today from Velour Lashes!  I recently saw a video on about this new company that sells handmade mink lashes.  It sparked my interest because I have read in several magazines that several stars like Jennifer Lopez love to wear mink lashes.  The prices on this website were really affordable considering that mink lashes are very expensive.  I paid 29.99 for a pair of lashes that can be work upwards of 25-30 times.  I bought "you complete me" style, which I have a picture of below.  This picture was taken from the Velour Lashes website.

Another important note is that according to the website, these hair were harvested from live mink.  No animals were killed or hurt during this process.  They are gently brushed for their fur and that fur is sterilized for these handmade eyelashes.  It still made me a little hesitant, but I  purchased them anyways!

I'll post a review soon, once I wear these babies a couple of times.  :)

Are you a false eyelash user?  Have you ever tried mink eyelashes?


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