Friday, January 13, 2012

I need this in my life....

I think I've been digging these colors lately due to the new release of Chanel June.  It's beautiful, but I just can't bare to spend that much money on a nail polish!!  What are your thoughts?

Should I?  Or shouldn't I?  Any good dupes out there?  Give me some info!!!!

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  1. Me encanta este color la verdad es que lo veo un color muy atrevido para primavera - verano y nada que espero tener suerte en tu sorteo porque me encantan los productos que estas sorteando ademas es una buena forma de probarlos ya que muchos de ellos no los conozco o mejor dicho ninguno jejej un besote

  2. I love the color, it's beautiful. I especially like the heels and the purse. <3

  3. Huu~ I don't blame you. That's a pretty wonderful color! I'm still a newbie to polishes so I don't know about any dupes for it, but hopefully you can find one. o_o

  4. I may be the wrong person to pose questions like this to since I'm in love with that color and I'm a makeup junkie!! So my answer is...GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am in love with this blog. Dress, shoes , purse, nail color, all are amazing and i love the color too.


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