Thursday, July 7, 2011

MAC Semi Precious Collection

Hi Everyone!! Here's my purchases from MAC's new collection... Every year I look forward to the collection that is released after July 4th weekend, the collection tends to have the release of new MSF's and new brushes! Those are 2 of my favorite things to purchase from MAC, wouldn't you agree? So needless to say I am happy with my purchases thus far. I still have to test drive the new items and give y'all some feedback on colour payoff, as well as wear time and the quality of the brushes. I have heard really good things about the brushes, so I am excited to get them washed and cleaned, so I can get to testing them out! Check out the swatches below (click the pic to enlarge) Items I purchased: *Feeling Flush Blush *Warmth of Coral Blush *Semi Precious Rose Quartz MSF *Semi Precious Pearl MSF *Semi Precious Goldstone MSF *Semi Precious Crystal Pink MSF *Rare Find Mineralize Eyeshadow *Golden Gaze Mineralize Eyeshadow *Smoked Ruby Mineralize Eyeshadow *Faux Gold Mineralize Eyeshadow *Brushes: 128, 179, 234, and 235
What did y'all end up getting from this collection?


  1. DAMN! What a haul!! I'm loving Feeling Flushed and Warmth of Coral.

  2. I only got golden gaze and gem of roses. I normally love the MSFs but found them too glittery

  3. Ya this haul was intense! I LOVE Feeling flushed...I think it has to be my overall favorite of this collection. But I wasn't too impressed with the MSF's, if I had to pick one it would be the pearl or the rose.


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