Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Sigma Dry & Shape

I'm back! I apologize for not blogging for so long, it's been a crazy couple of months.
I recently hauled some things from Sigma, and one of the items was their new dry and shape. I was really excited to use this since it's just a pain in the rear to wash and dry my makeup brushes.
The texture of this product is exactly like their brush rolls. It's not leather, but it feels like leather. One of the biggest complaints I have about this material is that if you get powder on it, it can be difficult to rub off. The powder particles seep into the small lines and grooves that are naturally in this material.
As you can see from the picture above, I was really disappointed when one of the seams tore the first time I used it! I tried to contact customer service but since my mother bought this for me, I didn't have the invoice number. When I asked if they could look it up, they never emailed me back...... Very disappointing. Usually I'm quite impressed with Sigma's customer service.

Even though I had the issue with the torn seam, I was quite impressed with how quickly my brushes dried. I tried to use synthetic brushes since I knew that these usually take the longest to dry on their own.

The large bulky handles of my pixiwoo/Sarah Chapman brushes did not fit in the bottom portion of the dry and shape. I just kept the handles out and it worked out fine.
Within four hours most of the brushes were completely dry. Even the most dense of the synthetic brushes was about 90% dry.
Overall, I really like this product. I'm not in LOVE, but I'm in like. If it wouldn't have torn on it's first use, it would have been a different story. Not only does it dry your brushes faster, but it also shapes them as well. I forgot to take pictures of my finished brushes, but if you have some brushes that are frayed or spread out due to too much use, this product would shape each and every little hair back into place. They would look new!
Do you have this product? How do you like it?

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  1. I don't have it but I've been considering buying it for a while. I'm still on the fence about it.


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