Friday, August 12, 2011

International Makeup Swap: Take 1

Hi everyone!
Some time ago I did a makeup swap with a sweet gal named Linsay from Pandora's Beauty Basket.  Take a look at her blog, it's great!
When we first started emailing we decided to first set up a budget so we knew how much we would spend on each other. Then we both gave each other some time to collect our goodies and pretty much mailed each other's packages together.
We also gave each other ideas of things that we wanted to try out from each other's countries. I think that was the most helpful thing! She had specific items that she wanted and that made it very easy for me. :)
Some of the items that I received:
Barry M Dazzledusts in #51 & #39
2 True Lip gloss in #22
2 True loose eye shadows in #11, #12, & # 1
Beauty UK Blush
Barry M Lipgloss in #12
17 Bronzing Summer Glow Kit
No 7 Eyeshadow Quad
2 True Liquid Eyeliner
2 True Mascara
Me Me Me Beat the Blues Highlighter
I got so many awesome goodies! Did I mention that she even included some shortbread biscuits and other yummies? I am so lucky that this was a successful swap and again, thank you Linsay!!
Have you ever done a international swap? It is a great way to try out makeup items that you couldn't otherwise get in your country. Good luck and hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Ahhh I've always wanted to do an international swap! How did you guys deal with the amount when it came to the currency difference?

  2. Well, we used a converter to see exactly how much we each had to spend. Since the dollar is a little weak, we had to take that into consideration. You should do one, it's fun!


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