Thursday, August 25, 2011

URBAN DECAY: 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

Hi Everyone!  Got this palette a while ago and have been getting tons of use out of it!  I have included swatches as well, and like always you can click on the pic to enlarge it.  Lets get down to the pros and cons of this product, so you can decide if you need to make this palette a new addition to your collection!

* Wide range of colors, from neutrals to blues/teals to pinks/purples
* The amount of looks you can create with this palette are endless
* Creamy, buttery, high quality texture 
*Richly pigmented with excellent colour payoff
* Beautiful gun metal filigree designed packaging with a secret compartment for storage
* 15 X's .05oz eye shadows for $55
*  All shadows will work with every skin tone

* Cannot just throw it in your purse/ Not travel friendly
*  Whenever there are multiple shadows in a palette it can get messy and colours can mix
* Some of the colours are limited edition

Have y'all picked up this palette?  How does it compare to the Urban Decay NYC palette?



  1. I really want this palette! Dropping by to let you know I tagged you in the 'Top 10' blog award :) Please check my blog for all the information!

  2. You should get it if you can! I appreciate the tag for the award!! Will definitely drop by your site :)

  3. Love this page, Im following, plz check out mine :)


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