Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ok, so I gave in! Surprise, surprise! A Tartan Tale Collection!

I couldn't help it!  I knew that the Tartan Collection came out today (at Macy's), so I decided to drop by during lunch.  Like I mentioned, as soon as I had the collection in my hands, I just had to buy something!  I ended up buying three sets.  The Beauties Play it Cool Eyeshadows, the Vain & Glorious Lip bag, and the Violet my love lash and line kit.  I've had enough of those travel brushes.  I'd rather just buy the full size version that's made of better quality.

Here are some pics!

Here is the Violet My Love Lash & Line Kit:
Macroviolet Fluidline
Travel Liner Brush
Black Zoom Lash
Violet Pigment

Another pic....

Vain & Glorious Lip Bag:
In Synch Lip Pencil
 Baby Sparks Dazzleglass
Mellow Mood Lipstick

Last, but not least...
the Beauties Play it Cool Eyeshadows

The colors are Silverware, hold my gaze, to the ball, altered state, magic moor, and heather belles :)

It's late, but I'll swatch these colors and post them tomorrow.  I need some good light anyways.
I'm SO glad I took some medicine today, Whew!!


  1. Oooh you got some lovely things, i think this collection looks great x

  2. I'm quite happy with it! Thanks for commenting :)


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