Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics: Review

Hi Guys!  Hope you are having a great Monday, and if not I hope it just got a little better.  One of my favorite things to do is find, purchase, and review independent makeup brands.  Where do i find these?  My favorite place is on  I fell in love with this website when I was planning my wedding.  Everything on ETSY is handmade!  That includes makeup! 

That's where I found Hi-Fi Cosmetics.  Owned by a nice gal named Veronica, this indie makeup brand has just captured my heart....awww!  So many wonderful colors and various products.  Most of all just great individuality that seperates this indie brand from the rest.  Veronica takes her time creating her formulas and introducing makeup that is both wearable and affordable!  I personally enjoy the MesmerEYES 3-Piece Sets.  These sets included three complimentary colors for an AWESOME price!  I purchased one 3 piece set recently, and had purchased three other eye shadows a while back (she was having a sale).  Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Includes: (from left to right)

Butterfly wings is an amazing deep coral shade, and it's my favorite from these three. 

Includes : (from left to right)

I'm really into my purple phase and it shows!  I love Midnight Hour from this collection.  I'm a little worried how Alone will look with my skin tone, but I'm sure it will look wonderful with the other two shadows.

This is the "look card" that came with my three piece set.  Veronica took the time to make these cards for each set and includes them just in case you need some help with the application!  Love it!

You know what else, she always includes some little free goodies!  In this order I received a Lip Glaze in "paint the future" and three sample eye shadows!  Plus, a couple of her business cards. :)

-All of her cosmetics are handmade. 
-You get the benefit of knowing that each product you purchase was made with love, and it shows in all the little details. 
-I like her packaging.  There is a clear attempt to brand her product.  The label and logo appear throughout her site, blog, as well as her products.  She didn't just slap on a label or write in the name, it was thought out and planned. 
-Its affordable!

She's only one person so you may have to be a little patient with your order (I'm NOT talking more than two weeks here, she's still pretty fast)
Even though there is a huge selection of eyeshadow colors, she does not have a wide variety of products like you would find in a department store, etc.  But, that really does not bother me.  She does her job and she does it well!

Would I purchase again?  YES!

I've seen a couple of sales go up since I've been watching this brand on Etsy, so take a look and give her some love.  Way to go Veronica!


  1. Very cute! I love the colors!

  2. these sound like great products! Great review and swatches! :]

  3. Hi there! I had never heard about Hi-Fi before so thanks so much for sharing this post and swatches with us!
    I am going to have a look at the link right now!
    Lovely blog!


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