Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEW E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeshadows: Review and Swatches!!!

Hey Everyone!!  I just received a haul from e.l.f. and among all my goodies are the NEW studio cream eyeshadow.  Lately I've been on a HUGE cream eyeshadow kick, so I just had to pick these up.  Since these are part of their studio line, they are each 3 dollars a piece.  Honestly, that's a great price!

Unfortunately, they only have four colors available right now, hopefully they can add some more shades in the future.
I had initially assumed that they would be the same size as the cream eyeliners.  But, their packaging is larger.  Here is the comparison between the new cream eye shadows and the cream eyeliner.  Excuse the lighting.  I took these pictures with my phone, since my husband hijacked my camera.

I ordered all four shades!
(Above Pic) With Flash
From left to right:  Eggplant, Dawn, Bronzed, and Candlelight
Without Flash
Eggplant, Dawn, Bronzed, and Candlelight

  • They have not creased on me....so far.
  • They are creamy and blendable. 
  • Affordable!!  You can purchase all four for the price of one "higher end" brand
  • Once they are on, they don't move!!
  • The packaging is large and bulky.  It seems like such a waste of plastic...
  • There are only four colors :(
  • The Candlelight color was not as smooth as the others.  As you can see in the pictures, I couldn't blend the color evenly.
  • Both a pro and a con.  Once they are on, they don't move.  So, it feels somewhat dry and tight on the skin.  That may be just me, my lids are sometimes dry.

Everything in the studio line has impressed me.  When I initially started purchasing from E.l.f., I thought there products were junk.  I'm glad they finally realized that they needed more quality products.  Overall, I like the new cream eye shadows. At three bucks, it was worth the gamble.  I think I won!  Try them out and see what you think. 



  1. Aren't they great! I don't even feel guilty since they were only three dollars each! hehe
    Thanks for commenting!


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