Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: DIOR Holiday Collection Makeup Palette For The Eyes

Dior Holiday Collection Palette

Dior Holiday Palette ($44) features four shadows, which launched this holiday season.   

  • The palette is filled with gorgeous, rich colors, with a beautiful, soft buttery texture. 
  •  The little "D" charm is too cute and fashionable!

  • The packaging is slightly bulky
  • The sponge applicator…I can’t remember the last time I used a sponge applicator (yuck!)

Midnight blue- dark shimmery blue in the pan but when applied it looked more like a matte blue/black.
Gunmetal silver- steel gray looks very shimmery in the pan but when applied, the color is pewter gray with a rich sheen.
Lighter silver- looks like a medium shade in the pan, however when it’s applied it shows up as an almost metallic white.  It’s good for being used as a highlighter. Swatches very similar to the bottom shade.
White highlighter- a shimmery white with an intense pigmentation.  This makes for a perfect highlighter, especially during the holiday season.  But it is not something I would opt for, it’s too shimmery for my personal taste.

If you like silvers and blues, then I would go to your local Sephora and check this palette out!  It’s limited edition, so I would try and get it before it’s gone…
If you have this palette or if you’re interested in this palette let us know!

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