Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Softlips SPF Lip Balm

While out of town for the holidays, I realized that I left my trusty EOS lipbalm at home.  I needed to stop by my local CVS for some things, so I decided to pick up a duo pack of Soft lips lip balm(photo from  It's been around for ages,and I didn't think I could go wrong with this purchase.  I did.....

This is horrible stuff!  Maybe because I'm so spoiled now with my lip balms, but this is not moisturizing at all.  I found myself reapplying and reapplying, and I never felt like it actually sunk into my lips.  The scent and flavor are great, OK I give them that.  But otherwise, this was a waste of my four dollars. 

What kind of lip balm do you use? 


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