Friday, December 31, 2010

Review & PICS: DINAIR Airbrush Studio Beauty Kit

I received my Dinair airbrush kit shortly before Christmas.  It's was one of my Christmas presents from my hubby!  I was so excited that it had arrived and I quickly got to practicing on myself and on others.  I often get asked to do makeup for my friends, etc. for special events.  I decided to use the airbrush system on some of my "clients". 

SYSTEM:  Just FYI, the system I ordered came with the compressor, the airbrush gun, a bottle of airbrush cleaner, an eyeshadow guide, several eyebrow stencils, a small travel case for the gun, a small .25 oz of moist & dewy, and eight .25oz bottles of a mixture of foundations, blush, and eye shadows, and even a larger bag that was included for the holiday special.  I got to pick all of the eight colors myself. 

EASE OF USE:  As I opened the box, I fell in love!  I ordered my compressor in a bright pink color.  There was an additional charge, but I went ahead and did it. 
The system is very easy to assemble and incredibly easy to work with.  Just about 6 drops of foundation and that's enough to cover the entire face.  I have taken an airbrush class, so this was not something that gave  me any difficulty.  The hardest thing about it all, in my opinion, is to color match.  I have used the machine on about five different individuals, and was able to match perfectly.  It all takes time and practice.

CLEANING:  Cleaning is very easy.  Just clear the machine of all product, and drop some cleaner in the well.  Spray the cleaner in a napkin until it is clear and clean the residual foundation from the well and spout with a q-tip.  It's vital that you clean your system each time you use it, or else you will experience clogging of the gun. 
I don't have pics of the actual compressor, but it fits in the palm of my hand.  I can easily store it in my kit and take it with me when visiting someones house, etc. 

FOUNDATION:  The foundation is light and it feels as if nothing is on your skin.  Yet, it provides amazing coverage!  It's so easy to use this on myself that it can only take me about five minutes (without cleaning) to apply the foundation, and even highlighter and blush.  The foundation is also very very affordable.  $12 for the .25oz, $16 for the .5oz, and $25 for the 1.15oz.  Since you only need about six drops of foundation, even the .25 oz can last quite a while.  They have about twenty shades of foundation, and if you send them a picture of yourself they will send you some suggestions on what foundation color is best for you.

Overall, I'm so excited about this purchase.  I foresee alot of use!.  I am disappointed that I DID NOT receive my instructional DVD with my set.  I should have just called customer service so that they could send it to me, but I just decided to watch their videos on their website

Here is the second person (other than myself) that I tried the Dinar system on.  She wanted something natural, not too dramatic with her eye makeup, etc.  I had not added eyeliner, lipstick, or mascara yet.  But look at the difference in her skin.  The hyperpigmentation is gone and her skin looks flawless.  The foundation looks amazing on young and even more mature skin.  She loved the results and so did I.  On top of that, it lasted all night! 

Hope you enjoyed this review :)



  1. I have wanted to try Dinair for a long time!! I am so glad you are having fun with it! What a great Christmas present!! :]

  2. I love it and I am having so much fun! I think xsparkage on also raves about it too. It's affordable and you will love it!

  3. Wow she looks great! Do you have any tips on applying airbrush makeup to more mature skin? I'm concerned about it settling into lines.

  4. The brand that I use carries a moisturizer that you can use either before or after the airbrush makeup. It's good for more mature skin or even dry skin. I'm sure every brand carries that sort of thing. Hope that helps!


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