Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Yes, this is another lash haul!  I just CAN'T stop!  The other day I was watching some videos, which is my favorite past time by the way, and I stumbled upon a video by FJ (  I guess she is the official guru of  Anyway, in the video she reviewed all the different styles on the website.  It got me interested....

The website itself is easy to navigate through.  The eyelashes are separated into two categories:  Natural and Dramatic.  Easy enough.  There is also a category of "sale" items.  And in that tab are listed eyelashes in larger quantities. 

Price:  The eyelashes are $1.00 but you have to buy them in boxes of ten.  So I'm assuming the minimum purchase of eyelashes is $10.00.  There are 13 different styles of lashes listed on the website.  That a lot of choices!  Additionally, there are several videos posted on the website that review the different styles and give a review on the glue that they make.

I was a bit skeptical about the products.  But, i love me some lashes, so I decided to give it a try.  I purchased two boxes of ten lashes.  Style C7, which is classified under the natural tab.  And style C2 which is under the dramatic tab.  Both styles seem very dramatic to me. 

Each style comes is a separate box.  These eyelashes are Korean eyelashes and they are synthetic.  I'm really starting to like synthetic lashes.  The packaging is mediocre, but I really don't mind since I'm only paying one dollar for eyelashes!

The shipping was very fast, but it's also about $8.  I believe their company ships out of the United States, so the lashes only took several days to get to Texas.  That was a pleasant surprise since most eyelashes are coming from overseas and can take several weeks to arrive. 

Thoughts:  After trying the lashes myself and even using them on someone else, I've decided I like them!  They are definitely better quality than eBay lashes.  The lash band is not too thick, and still flexible and easy to work with.  The fibers themselves are soft and they don't have that extra sheen that the eBay lashes have.
Like I mentioned, both styles seemed dramatic to me.  Even so, I used both of these styles and they both looked beautiful. 

I also purchased a vial of their eyelash glue.  There was alot of hype about this glue.  I haven't had a chance to use the glue, but once i do, I'll let you know.  I'm a little scared to, since it has their strange blue tinge to it.  I'm sure its safe, but the color is a bit scary!  According to FJ, this glue is truly waterproof!  You need to check out that video too, she sprays her eyes with water and the glue, really stood up to the water!

Along with my two boxes of lashes, and my one glue, they threw in an extra set of lashes as a sample.  That was sure nice of them!  I haven't tried them the sample set out yet, but I soon will.  I think I'll even try these for work, since they look very wearable for the daytime.
Overall, I definitely will be reordering from this site again.  The prices are great, the shipping was extra fast and the lashes are good quality for the price.  Please keep in mind that everyone has their preferences.  I enjoy synthetic lashes, and I enjoy Korean lashes.  If you haven't tried them out, take a look at their website and maybe order a set.


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  1. $1 is crazy!!!! I need to get some of these!!!
    Please check out my blog if u get the chance :) xx


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