Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Pro Rolling Train Case

So, I finally received it!  It's beautiful!  It was carefully sent in an upright box, protected by Styrofoam and wrapped tightly.  Take a look!
Just FYI, I ordered this Pro rolling Makeup case from ebay.  I had initially seen it on Yazmo, and I fell in love!  After some research, I found the exact same case on Ebay and it was even being sold by yazmo.  And as an extra plus, it was $30 cheaper on Ebay.
It is a pretty tall case.  What do I plan to do with it, you ask??  Well, I've been trying to get into makeup artistry again.  I went through a phase a couple of years ago before I got married but I was very overwhelmed at the time.  Even though I have a full time career, I think this is something that I can do on the side.  To keep my sanity....
The top train case can be detached and the bottom part also has several compartments.  Included inside the case was an extra top for the bottom portion.  In case I want to separate the two parts.
It's very roomy inside and I believe the compartment on the bottom is tall enough to fit some full size palettes.
Here it is, all nice an packed with my kit.  I'm still lacking a foundation and concealer palette, but I'm pretty much done filling it with all my necessities. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy.  One of the major cons is obviously the size.  It's huge!  I'm sure that once it's filled it's going to be pretty heavy.  Especially if I need to climb some stairs.  But I think it's worth it!

Let me know what you think!!


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