Monday, February 21, 2011

Haul: Sleek Cosmetics. And Pics!!

The main reason why I'm so excited about this haul is because I originally though Sleek Cosmetics could only be purchased in the UK.  I think I was watching a video where someone else from the states had hauled some Sleek goodies.  I'm so excited to try them out!  Here are some pics of my haul.  The only think that would make me happier is to be able to buy Barry M!

On a side note, the shipping was very expensive.  I ended up paying $13.50 for shipping to the U.S. :(

Face Contour Kit in Medium. 
I may get the light next time around, this seems pretty dark.

Face & Body Highlighter in Gold Digga. 
Again, this seems pretty dark, so I think the next time I order I'll get another one of their shades.  I think they were sold out, so I just got the one that was available.

Storm i-Divine Palette
These palettes look much bigger on the computer screen.  Even so, they are beautiful in person!

Bad Girl i-Divine Palette
I love the dark colors!  Can't wait to get some swatches!


  1. Did you order them from the Sleek website or are they available somewhere else?

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  2. great haul i quite like the eyeshadows

  3. @Charlene: Hey, how are ya?! I did actually purchase my goodies from the Sleek website. I think they just recently started shipping to the U.S.

    @Beauty Shades: Thanks for your comment, I think I'll like the shadows too!

  4. I found your blog via a Sleek search, and aaaah was I surprised! We can get Sleek in the U.S. now! :D Whoo! <3

    Okay okay, are there any products that you'd recommend as "must-haves?" Or is there anything that should be avoided at all costs? I only have vague experience with sleek via my U.K. buddies and their YouTube reviews...

    Eek! :D Just an excited hello from a new subscriber~

    xx Tara

  5. I'm still pretty new to Sleek. I wish I had some U.K. friends to give me some opinions!!! I haven't ordered anything else since I got these palettes.


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