Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: Wet N' Wild 8 Palette! Pics & Swatches too!!

I absolutely love these!  But I think I love them more since they are affordable.  If you haven't heard, Wet N' Wild is releasing these 8 palettes in only Walmart & Walgreens.  My Walgreens did not stock these, so I picked them up on  I think they are retailing for 4.99, but don't quote me on that.  There are three palettes:  Petal Pusher, Blue had me at hello, and comfort Zone.   

This has to be the most pigmented of the three.  Even though these are neutrals and usually quite boring, these are beautiful colors!  I only needed one swipe of my finger to get a beautiful and pigmented swatch.  The shadows are mostly very creamy feeling and are a great quality eyeshadow!

 I think I'm quite afraid of blues, but this palette is just stunning.  Again, very pigmented, just like comfort zone.  The only shadow that really dissapointed me in the palette was the black with glitter.  The glitter easily rubbs off.  Either way, all the other colors in this set were not a disappointment.

 I've been drawn to purples lately, so I was really excited about this set.  Unfortunately, for me, this was the least pigmented.  The colors are beautiful, but not as vibrant as the other two.

I hope you get a change to pick these up!  Have a great day!

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