Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dior Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches and Backstage Brow Design Brow Shaping Stencils Kit

Hi Everyone!  So I was strolling through my local Sephora, when I spotted these babies!  I was really excited and intrigued to see that Dior came out with eyeliner patches.  They are known for their amazing eyeliner in ads and now they've made it so that the regular woman can have perfect fool proof eyeliner as well.  I was able to test a pair out this past weekend at a wedding...and they looked fabulous!  I got so many compliments on how my eyeliner looked flawless and no one was aware that they were stuck on.  The great thing about these are that they are reusable.  However, in order to increase the longevity of these I would recommend putting them on before you put your eyeshadow on.  That way the adhesive on the back of the eyeliner patch lasts longer and doesn't loose it's "stickiness" as quickly.  And when you do loose it's adhesiveness, they have included a small tube of glue.  I am looking forward to trying the other 3 patches, as I've only been able to use one pair.  But I am pretty confident that I will love them all!  As for the eyebrow stencils, I have not been able to fully test them out.  I am planning on giving them a whirl this weekend.  Once I try them out I will be able to give y'all a better opinion on if they are worth the cost.  You can purchase them at  And below are some detailed specs on the products and more pics.

Dior Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches $59
- 4 pairs of eyeliner patches 
-small glue tube

Dior Backstage Brow Design Brow Shaping Stencils Kit $40
-6 brow stencils
-2 mini eyeliner pencils (light and dark brown)

What do you think about these new products from Dior...are they a hit or miss?

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