Monday, October 10, 2011

VS Makeup: Hypnotic Beauty Collection

Hey Everyone!  I am back with the Fall 2011 collection from Victoria Secret, it's called the Hypnotic Beauty Collection.  This is a reasonably sized collection that contains a couple lipsticks, blush/highlighter, a few eyeshadow palettes, and kohl/kajal eyeliner.  So what items did I decide to pick up...

*Lipstick: in Exotica- $14
*Blush/Highlighter: Desert Star- $16
*Kohl/Kajal Eyeliner- $15

The packaging is beautiful!  I love the exotic, foreign design and feel to the packaging.  The products are encased in gold and a mix of vibrant colours.  The only thing that I found to be annoying about the packaging was with the lipstick, I did not like that the lipstick does not go all the way down.  Even when your done turning the lipstick tube, the product is still peaking out (as you will notice in the picture below).  When I'm in a rush this can become a problem by getting a little messy and possibly all over my things.  As for the products themselves, I truly love the lipstick shade in Exotica!  It is simply a beautiful rich bronze/coral/red colour.  The formulation isn't to die for, but what it lacks in formulation is definitely made up for in the colour.  I wouldn't say that there is extended wear with this product, and reapplication would be necessary every few hours. The blush/highlighter powder looks like a mosaic, and is almost too pretty to use!  Which works out fairly well for me, because I don't find that the colour of the highlighter is anything special.  And I feel it can be easily duplicated by many products on the market!  So I have decided to just keep this product as an addition to my stash, since it just makes me happy when I look at it.  As for the eye kajal, it is perfect for lining the waterline and the colour is a deep and intense black that is perfect for that smokey sultry look.  And as always, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and get a better look.  And you can also find these products on

My recommendations are for you to go to your local Victoria Secret and test out these products for yourself!

Do you only buy lingerie from Victoria Secret or do you pick up beauty products there as well?


  1. I love to hit there semi annual sales for beauty supplies!

  2. That's something to look forward to! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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