Monday, June 13, 2011

WINNER! Sigma Flat Top Brush!

I'm back! The honeymoon was wonderful, I'll post some pics soon :)
I used to choose the winner. There were not that many entries, but that meant more chances for you guys to win :)
The winner of the Sigma Flat Top Brush is (drum roll, please)................
Steph xox
Stephanie Cummins
Congrats Stephanie!!


  1. congrats steph! Glad to hear you had a fab time :)I got my swap package today it actually brightened up what has so far been a bad day! I LOVE everything thank you so so so sooooo much :) xxx

  2. wahooo so so excited to try this brush!!

    Looks amazing :D:D

  3. Congrats to Steph! She will love this brush.

    Also, congrats to you as well. I'm glad you had a great time on your honeymoon.


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