Sunday, May 1, 2011

Makeup Brush Organization

Hello there!
I recently was looking for some additional organization for my makeup brushes. Despite their depiction, I do not store my makeup brushes outside in the backyard. ;P
I asked my husband to take a couple of pics of my new toy and he decided to make it an outdoor shoot. I luv him :)
I had originally seen this pampered chef tool turnabout on XSparkage's channel on It seemed pretty practical and better equipped to store my brushes. I am a brush collector. Correction. I am a makeup brush hoarder. This isn't even a quarter of the brushes that I tried to store in glass jars on my vanity. You can imagine how many glass jars crowded my counter top!
This tool turnabout is very useful. It has dividers and it's most important feature is that it turns! I found this baby on ebay, since I wasn't too familiar with pampered chef and I really didn't know any friends who sold this brand. There were many listings for this item, either in white or black, on ebay.
Hope you found this helpful! I'll be bringing you more organization ideas soon :)


  1. I love using my turnabout for holding my brushes too!!!



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