Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Trend: HOT LIPS

One of the most popular trends this spring is bright lips. I am so excited about this trend, and even more excited to sport my new lipstick colors. As you can see, I have gathered some drugstore brands as well as department store brands that would brighten up any face this season!
But before you slap on that bright lip, try following these simple tips:
  • Exfoliate!

Nothing is worse than wearing bright lipstick with layers of dead skin underneath! Bright lipsticks can accentuate any dryness on the lips. Lately I have been using Josie Maran's argan oil at night to help moisturize my dry lips, and I'm really enjoying it. I have also been enjoying Sara Happ's Red Velvet Lips Scrub that I picked up at my local Pout Cosmetics. It smells so delicious that I want to eat it!

Prevent Lipstick Bleeding

Either pair your lipstick with a complimentary liner, a nude liner which may work in some cases, or a invisible lip primer. Either way, this should help keep your bright, yet beautiful lipstick from bleeding outside the lip line.
Keep the rest simple...

The trend is best played when the remainder of the face is left simple. I usually follow this rule of thumb. If I wear a bright lip, keep the eyes and cheeks natural. If my eyes are dramatic, my lips can go nude. You get the idea.

Don't break the bank!

As you can see, there are many affordable as well as higher end options to satisfy your bright craving. Have fun with it!

Word is that this Maybelline Lipstick is a great dupe for MACs Candy Yum Yum. It's so bright that this picture doesn't even give it justice! I love it <3 If you're more into orange try MACs Vegas Volt. It's a beautiful color and it would look great with a medium to dark skin tone! MACs Ever Hip lipstick first made it's debut with the Liberty of London Collection. It recently made it's re-release with the Fashion Flower Collection. It's so absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad I picked it up before it sold out at my MAC counter. Sitting among my MAC lipsticks was Jazzed. A beautiful sorbet color that actually reminded me of Ever Hip. AS you can see it's a little less pink, but still beautiful none the less.
If you really want to make a BRIGHT statement try Covergirl's Hot Passion. This eye catching color is a tomato red with a hint of orange. Exciting!
I searched for a great dupe for color from MAC, but alas I found nothing. I believe I read somewhere that Rimmel's En Vogue is a close dupe but I don't have that color. Either way, MACs Girl About Town is definitely a showstopper.
Whoa! If you looked up Fuchsia in the dictionary this lipstick should be listed. It reminds me of the 80's, which isn't bad thing! Another plus about lipstick is that is very moisturizing! I love this formula!
I want to thank my friend Kiwis20 for letting me borrow her lips for these pictures. :) Let me know if you have personally tried some of these shades or if you have any other recommendations for this 2011 Spring Trend.
Nite Nite


  1. Love the colors! Fuchsia Fever and Fuchsia Fusion!! <3

  2. WOW, the colors look really amazing!! I'm running to the store to get some tomorrow.


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