Friday, May 20, 2011

Storage & Organization: Pigments

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to show you my updated storage for my pigments. I needed a way to store them so that they wouldn't take up too much space. Most of these pigments were purchased from TKB Trading. You can by rather large samples as well as old mac style pigment jars for pretty cheap. They have an amazing selection of colors as you can see.
For $1.50 USD you get a hefty sample of their micas and oxides. Most of the samples measure one tablespoon, depending on the item itself. That's alot of product, especially for 1.50! You can mix to make your own colors, add additive for adhesion, or wear them straight. I suggest you use a good eyeshadow base since these are raw mica.
I do not have many MAC pigments. I store them all on the first row. There is also a random Sephora OPI nail polish. I don't remember why I put it there. :)
I purchased this nail polish rack from Hollywood Nail Supply. It was one of the least expensive on the website. My vanity is actually a closet so the rack is hung behind a wall. I really didn't care how pretty the rack looked. I think I will purchase another one, but this time for my actual nail polishes. Seems like I'm getting a little out of control with the nail polishes lately :)
How do you like the setup? Would you like to see more of my makeup organization?


  1. I love seeing everyones makeup containers/organizers!! Gives me great ideas!!

  2. I want I need! It looks so neat x

  3. I LOVVVVEEE My Tkb pigments !!! ur storage is supe cute I keep mine in my muji cases! Actually going to pick up more colors!

  4. This is a neat storage solution! Im still trying to figure one out for myself


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