Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NARS: Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself

What the website says:
Introducing Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, the new book by Francois Nars.
This book brings together Francois two passions- makeup and photography- to spectacular effect. Taking the before-and- after concept to the next level, Francois turns the lens on real women and men revealing the powerful role of beauty in personal transformation.
Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself transcends the scope of basic manuals by providing an array of inspiring looks that showcase the limitless possibilities of makeup. The book not only provides insider knowledge from Francois himself, it also encourages people to be who they are and express their individuality through makeup.
What's the cost?
$45 + Complimentary Shipping
Do y'all think this would be a good read?

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