Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IMATS New York Pictures!

Hello all!  Well, I'm back from my lovely trip to New York City.  I am so exhausted!  So much walking, but I had so much fun. :)  The main purpose of my trip was to attend the International Makeup Artists Trade show otherwise known as IMATS.  It was insane!  I'm so glad that I bought the tickets months in advance, because it ended up being a sold out show.  Whew!

A friend and I ended up showing up at 8:30am and the line was already down the block.  Thankfully, the line moved along and we were able to get in within thirty minutes or so.

The insane crowd at the Inglot booth...

The first thing I wanted to do was visit the Inglot booth.  I'm so glad we did that first.  But, I'm not glad that we stood in line for almost two hours!  The line was crazy and so many people kept cutting in line.  I'm assuming that's why it took so long to get to the counter.  For me, Inglot was the highlight of my trip!  I'll show you my beautiful stash in a later post.

Mehron Booth
OCC Goodness!

Kett Cosmetics Booth

As far as the venue itself, it was somewhat smaller than I expected.  Don't get me wrong, it was a madhouse in there, but it was obvious that some of the big brands were missing.  These included NYX Cosmetics, ADesign Brushes, Makeup for Ever, MAC Pro, Crown Brushes and even Dinair.  Even though I was dissapointed that they weren't present, there was still alot to see and I had so much fun!

I was so excited to visit the Hakuhodo booth. I finally got to touch and feel the quality of Hakuhodo brushes.  I'm not exagerrating when I say that these are the softest brushes I have ever felt in my entire life!  I have many, many, and I mean many brushes in my collection, and the quality of these brushes surpasses them all.  Yes, even the MAC brushes.  In fact, Hakuhodo manufactuers MAC brushes.  I actually didn't purchase any brushes at IMATS.  They were not offering any show discounts, so I figured I could save up and order them at a later time. 

Overall, I had a great time!  Next year I will surely visit the Los Angelos IMATS!

Coming Soon:  IMATS HAUL!

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