Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Should I purchase?

So, what do you think? I've never tried this product by Sleek Makeup. I know that there are alot of followers who are from the UK and this brand is readily accessible. What is your input on their pout polish? It's looks wonderful!


  1. I love mine!(Sugar May) :) It has a delicious smell and a smooth texture. Leaves your lips with a really nice subtle colour.


  2. I bit the bullet and finally placed a order with sleek- $13 for shipping to the US! Ugh, it was more than my actual order total. But, I just had to have the Sugar May pout polish and Pan Tao blush. I just received them in the mail this past Saturday- I havent tried them yet, but I will be this week so I can make a post about them.

    Everyone is raving about this brand, so I easily caved. Fingers crossed they are as fabulous as everyone says :)

  3. @Em, Thank you! Sugar may looks lovely!

    @Miss Brittany Boo, I also bit the bullet a couple of months ago for some palettes. I think I just may have to bite it again! Can't wait for your post :)

  4. i def want to try sleek i hear SO many good thing! bur I want my purchase to be worth it considering the shipping, i'm going to wait until i have a few things on my list!

  5. I have never tried this before, but i think it might be a good product and worth the money. I really like their eyeshadows and the quality is really good :)

    Xo Christine


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