Friday, April 29, 2011

MAC: Fashion Flower Haul

Hi Dolls! I was excited about the release of this collection, as it had the beauty powder I have been wanting for sometime: Alpha Girl. I didn't want to shell out big bucks to pick it up on Ebay, so now after much waiting it is FINALLY mine! :) I was also looking forward to trying out the new lipstick Growing Trend (mid tone taupe nude), as it is right up my alley! I am absolutely obsessed with all nudes, as well as the amplified creme finishes! So this was a winner in my eyes! I did not pick up the Ever Hip lipstick this time, since I got it when it was released during the Liberty of London collection. I was so excited to get it when it was first released, but then I didn't end up using it much... The Light Sunshine beauty powder & Ground Cover eyeshadow seem OK, not anything that I would say you need to run out and get. And as for the Lucky Green eyeshadow it is I wouldn't say you need to rush and pick it up by any means.
So what did I pick up?
  • Ground cover Eyeshadow
  • Lucky Green Eyeshadow (permanent; already had it in my stash)
  • Alpha Girl BP
  • Light Sunshine BP
  • Fashion Flower Lipgelee
  • Growing Trend Lipstick
  • Ever Hip Lipstick (from L.O.L. collection)
Recommendations: Alpha Girl BP, Growing Trend and Ever Hip Lipstick Passes: Light Sunshine BP, Ground Cover Eyeshadow
What did y'all end up getting? What were your 'hit and misses'?


  1. I wish they'd hurry up and release this collection in the uk! Ive been waiting forever haha x


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