Thursday, April 28, 2011

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick, YOU ARE MINE!!

Hello lovely readers!
For the past couple of days I've seen sick as a dog. The majority of my time has been spent sleeping, watching tv, or internet shopping. I was on the MAC website getting my weekly fix, and I decided to pick up a couple of items from the Fashion Flower collection. The one lipstick that I wanted, Ever Hip, was already sold out!
Ever Hip lipstick had already been released with the Liberty of London collection and was making it's way back to us through this collection.
So, even though I was sick, I picked my butt up this morning and headed to my local MAC counter. This baby is now mine!
To see swatches, check out this post HERE.
I really love these new paper bags they have started to use. And here she is, Ever Hip! A beautiful coral color with a creamsheen finish. I can't wait till I feel better and actually put this baby on!
Hope every one is having a great day!

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